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Inspired by Integrity
Artisanal soap and skin care

Important Stuff



Even though some of our soaps look good enough to eat, they're not! Products are intended for external, personal hygiene use, only. We are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses resulting from misuse. These products are not intended to cure any ailments. 

Always Skin Test


We strive to bring a high quality product, but even still, always patch test 24 hours before using on a larger surface of skin. The seemingly most benign ingredient might not play well with your skin type. Never use on open wounds or skin irritations.

Nut Allergies


Please make sure to review all of the ingredients before using our soaps. Most of them contain coconut oil and a few have finely ground shells as an exfoliant.

Essential Oils


If you have any pre existing health conditions (i.e. blood pressure, pregnancy), always consult a physician before using products containing essential oils. This also applies to using on irritated skin. We care about your health!

Gift With Every Purchase


To show you how much we care, we enclose a free gift with every purchase; just a small token of our appreciation. Without you, there would be no us! We also love feedback, so please review your purchases and send us emails. We adore our customers!

Soap Care


To get the most enjoyment out of your new purchase, please make sure to never leave it in standing water. No one likes soft, slimy soap! If you allow it to dry out between uses, the bars will last much longer. Also, because we use essential oils and natural color agents to scent and our soaps and not fragrance oils, the scent/color may fade over time. Please test for color-fastness: nothing's worse than stains!

About Us

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Kami and I have been making soap for a little over 15 years. I started out using mostly family and friends as my guinea pigs, slowly progressed to selling my soap and after much encouragement, I decided to open up my web store. The prospect was daunting (and terrifying!), as I am a married mom of two great girls and I also work from home. I wasn't sure whether I was up for the challenge and talked myself out of doing this countless times. Still, something about the idea began to take root and hold. 

Why Soap?

When I first started soap making with a very good friend, back in 2002, using melt and pour kits and cute molds, I found that I slowly fell in love with the meditative aspect of soap making. I could lose myself in various recipes and hours could pass without my realizing it. We began to hone our research on essential oils and their properties, but we still gravitated toward the bright, eye grabbing qualities of artificial colorants and readily recognizable scents of fragrance oils. The very idea of making soap from lye seemed so fraught with danger that I completely closed my mind to it, imaging a very expensive laboratory of supplies and third-degree burns.

Why 100% Natural?

Over a course of a few years, I began to be more ingredient conscious and started questioning the giving and selling of products that I couldn't take complete ownership of. How could I be absolutely certain what a product contained? What made what I was producing any different than what was commercially available? That's when I started doing my own research and determined that I never wanted to use or make anything that I didn't know with absolute certainty every ingredient it contained. I made the leap (well, actually, it was more like studying and agonizing for a few years) into cold and hot process soap making and never looked back. I began to fall in love with the colors and fragrances, naturally produced by clays and plant materials. Every single batch may vary slightly, depending on any number of factors. It made me become more flexible and more accepting of things which I cannot control.